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Furniture shopping suggestions wanted
rainbow_goddess wrote in victoria_bc
I am furnishing a new home (new to me) and I'm looking for a couple of items.

One is a kitchen/dining room table-and-chairs set. I've been to the Brick and Sears, and I think Dodd's is out of my price range. While I have no objection to thrift stores, I need a place that will deliver and I don't think Value Village, Salvation Army, etc. deliver.

The other thing I want is a particular style of headboard for my bed. I think it's called a "bookcase headboard." It's the type of headboard you can store items in, like a clock, books, etc. The Brick has them for children's beds but not adult beds. Sears has them on their website but not in their store. Sleep Country doesn't have them.

Any suggestions on where I might find these items? Thanks.

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Those headboards were popular in the late 50's and early 60's.. keep trying thrift shops and garage sales etc. Also try second hand furniture stores. They should be cheap.

As for delivery check out Used Victoria etc. I've seen a few guys on there.. I just clicked this guy.

Note what you save buying second hand might pay for the delivery and still make it a good deal!

Same with the bed.. try Craigslist, Used and Kijiji

Thanks for the suggestion. It hadn't occurred to me to think of it that way. I was just thinking, "Oh, it has to be a new furniture store because thrift stores don't usually deliver."

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