Furniture shopping suggestions wanted

I am furnishing a new home (new to me) and I'm looking for a couple of items.

One is a kitchen/dining room table-and-chairs set. I've been to the Brick and Sears, and I think Dodd's is out of my price range. While I have no objection to thrift stores, I need a place that will deliver and I don't think Value Village, Salvation Army, etc. deliver.

The other thing I want is a particular style of headboard for my bed. I think it's called a "bookcase headboard." It's the type of headboard you can store items in, like a clock, books, etc. The Brick has them for children's beds but not adult beds. Sears has them on their website but not in their store. Sleep Country doesn't have them.

Any suggestions on where I might find these items? Thanks.

favorite tattoo shop/artist!?


i'm considering doing a walk-in on my birthday at the end of this month and wondering if anyone has a favorite artist or shop i should definitely go to.

i love colour and attention to detail and flowers!

it would be especially great if they were available on the weekend. :)

same-day coho travel

hey everyone, happy holidaze. :P

my husband and i are planning to trek down to portland this weekend via the coho.
all the reserved spots are taken; does anyone know what "portion" of space is saved for those of us who'll show up without a reservation?
just wondering how much earlier we should get there to ensure that we get on.


Aveda Institute waxing model opportunities?

I haven't posted in this community in forever (missed this place and surprised that posting activity dwindled compared to the 5+ posts/day I'm accustomed in seeing back in the day) so I'd like to start off with a simple inquiry.

I remember someone who used to teach or was a student at the Aveda Institute used to post every now and then on this community (I'm talking like approximately 2004-2006 era) of the request for models to do free waxing on during the students' final exam. Thankfully I have been a model for these students twice (my second time being hugely pregnant... I give kudos to the student who worked on me professionally despite physical constraints from my end!) and was wondering if Aveda still looks for models to perform haircuts/waxing services. Each time I would not only thank the student, I would purchase an Aveda product as well as tipping for the kind service. Also it's fun chit-chatting not to mention hearing about each student's ambitions.

Honestly cannot remember the name of the person but if you still read in this community and still need a human "test subject", let me know if these opportunity arises again. I could use some R&R, thanks!
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Holiday Gifts


My mom's girlfriend is new to Victoria, so for Christmas I thought I'd get her a few $5 or $10 gift cards to various places in Victoria, just to get her to go there. She has a lot of money, so the price range of the attraction is not a problem. So far, I have...

*Roxy Theatre
*Butchart Gardens
*Italian Food Imports

Any other ideas? I'd love other things that don't include food and movies! haha I'd like to stay away from most of the touristy stuff, as they've done most of that together already, and she's more interested in what the locals do. They're both in their early fifties, still work, are pretty youthful, like playing darts and pool, that kinda thing. They loved the Tudor House before it burned down. My mom lives in Esquimalt, but they both have a vehicle, so traveling isn't a big deal.

I'd love some suggestions, if anyone has any! Specifically pleasing to middle-aged lesbians, would be a plus!