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favorite tattoo shop/artist!?
icedkarma wrote in victoria_bc

i'm considering doing a walk-in on my birthday at the end of this month and wondering if anyone has a favorite artist or shop i should definitely go to.

i love colour and attention to detail and flowers!

it would be especially great if they were available on the weekend. :)

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Liisa at Urge (and everyone at Urge, really) is exceptional. Liisa has a lot of great colourful and floral work in her portfolio, but all the artists there are amazing. Liisa does have one of the weekend days off, I think she has Sunday/Monday off. you should go down to the shop and chat about availability. You have to leave a $20 deposit, but an appointment is usually preferred at most all studios, and it stops you from missing out on getting a tattoo on the day you wanted!

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