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Aveda Institute waxing model opportunities?
sailorsaturn wrote in victoria_bc
I haven't posted in this community in forever (missed this place and surprised that posting activity dwindled compared to the 5+ posts/day I'm accustomed in seeing back in the day) so I'd like to start off with a simple inquiry.

I remember someone who used to teach or was a student at the Aveda Institute used to post every now and then on this community (I'm talking like approximately 2004-2006 era) of the request for models to do free waxing on during the students' final exam. Thankfully I have been a model for these students twice (my second time being hugely pregnant... I give kudos to the student who worked on me professionally despite physical constraints from my end!) and was wondering if Aveda still looks for models to perform haircuts/waxing services. Each time I would not only thank the student, I would purchase an Aveda product as well as tipping for the kind service. Also it's fun chit-chatting not to mention hearing about each student's ambitions.

Honestly cannot remember the name of the person but if you still read in this community and still need a human "test subject", let me know if these opportunity arises again. I could use some R&R, thanks!

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I would hope this person has graduated by now as esthetic courses are very short. I'm sure they need models for exams and practice so maybe call the school to inquire or see if there is a Facebook page for the school.

Well, of course I hope this person has long since graduated. However, racking my memory, I was to believe that the person who used to post in this community was probably the teacher herself, a TA, or a receptionist at the Institute. I could be wrong.

I don't use Facebook though I'm sure they would have a page. I'm sure said person must have stopped using LiveJournal; plenty of folks I know via LJ either stopped altogether or only log in to the service once in a blue moon (such as myself).

The two times I was used as a model were of different students thankfully. I'm sure all the ones who used me all passed with flying colors. If I ever remember the person who waxed me during my third trimester, I would really like to know how she's doing well. I hope she gets bonus points in the exam for dealing with extra 'moving' curves while providing an ouch-less experience.

Thanks for the advice. :)

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