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Holiday Gifts
john goodman
jennsrear wrote in victoria_bc

My mom's girlfriend is new to Victoria, so for Christmas I thought I'd get her a few $5 or $10 gift cards to various places in Victoria, just to get her to go there. She has a lot of money, so the price range of the attraction is not a problem. So far, I have...

*Roxy Theatre
*Butchart Gardens
*Italian Food Imports

Any other ideas? I'd love other things that don't include food and movies! haha I'd like to stay away from most of the touristy stuff, as they've done most of that together already, and she's more interested in what the locals do. They're both in their early fifties, still work, are pretty youthful, like playing darts and pool, that kinda thing. They loved the Tudor House before it burned down. My mom lives in Esquimalt, but they both have a vehicle, so traveling isn't a big deal.

I'd love some suggestions, if anyone has any! Specifically pleasing to middle-aged lesbians, would be a plus! 

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Anything from 4 Mile Pub or 8 Mile Pub is good. They are both really good restaurants heading out toward Langford. If they like watching hockey/football/insert sport here than the downstairs sports bar at the 4 Mile is the place to be.

Maybe the art gallery, harbour ferries, Victoria Symphony, theatre (Macpherson, Royal, Langham...)?

My favourite places in Victoria are Munro's books, right beside is Murchie's tea and coffee, walking down the nature trail past Sitting Lady Falls to Witty's beach, Stage Restaurant (I know you wanted to stay away from food but honestly this is an awesome awesome place!). They can grab a bite to eat there and then catch something local at the Belfry theater right across the street. I do all of those things every time I am back in Victoria (except the Belfry, sometimes they have nothing going on or things I am not interested in at all!)

I'd recommend gift certificates for Japanese Village, Silk Road Tea & Spa, IMAX Victoria, Dig This!, Nicholas Randall... just to name a few. Something that is uniquely Victorian. A few places I had in mind were in Oak Bay Village and Mattick's Farm.

What about spa type things? I know that the Empress has a spa (can't remember the name offhand) and I'm pretty sure they do gift certificates.

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